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Welcome to
Full level 25 Guild

Enjoy the Madness. It will take you far...

Your Guild Leadership




Asylum are currently recruiting two well-geared and experienced healers for one their three standing ten-man/woman raiding groups, the Mad Group.

The Mad Group raids Mondays and Fridays from 20.45 to 23.30 server time. It is ideally suited for parents with young children, but parenthood is not a requirement.

We are looking for a restauration shaman and a holy paladin, but any serious application will be considered.

Asylum usually raid 25-mans/womans on Wednesday, and successful applicants are encouraged to sign up for those raids as well using this website.

Asylum are proud to be one of the oldest and best-respected guilds on this server. This stems from our committment to only accepting nice and decent but also dedicated people within our ranks. Knowledge of our Code of Conduct is a necessary condition for membership.

If you do match the requirements mentioned above and are interested in joining our casual but ambitious raiding Guild, apply using the "Join Asylum" link above and fill in the short application forms. We will get back to you within a day or two.

Thank you for your interest and see you in-game!
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Other Guild News

First Successful raid for 4.2

shadowstts, Nov 23, 11 5:41 PM.

First Successful 25 man for 4.2 :D 

Coolwhip & VOID Defeat Ragnarose

shadowstts, Nov 2, 11 9:48 PM.


defeats Ragnarose
(no VOID screenshot)
[Coolwhip screenshot coming soon]


shadowstts, Oct 21, 11 4:16 AM.

Begins today at 19:00 UK time the next expansion for WoW should and likely will be announced.
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